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Real Estate and Temporary Rental listing:

Kingston Flyby can help you with your real estate or temporary rental marketing. We can take photos and video of your property inside and outside, the surrounding area and overhead wide photos of the neighbourhood to enhance potential buyers’ or renters’ experience.

Marketing and Video Production:

Kingston Flyby can be contracted to get that shot you need for your marketing or video production. We our drones we can do fly-overs, follow shots at low and high altitude. Our drones are stabilized with 3-axis gimbals that help provide a smooth video experience at 4K resolution.

Event Photography and Videography:

Kingston Flyby can bring your private event memories to life. We can do fly overs and take large group photos. If you are a photographer and would like to add this to your package for potential clients, we can work with you to make lasting memories.

Family Keepsakes:

Did you just buy a new home or start a new business? Do you want to have high quality panoramic photos of your home or family event? Kingston Flyby can help you make lasting photos and videos. With our equipment we can take videos at 4K quality and high resolution photos that you can get printed and displayed. We can also put together a video of you and your family with our fun flying skills.

Golf Ranges and Golf Courses:

Kingston Flyby can give your members and visitors an overview of all fairways on your course. We can do an overhead shot with a video fly through of any leg of your course from tee to green.


With our help you can get a new perspective on your property or land you are going to develop. We can help with building and tower inspections with high resolution photos and 4K video.